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In any workplace, it’s better to inspire people than to motivate. Motivate is to push them to do something. To inspire is to pull them to the realization that a transformation would be good for them. The challenge for companies these days is this: how do you inspire your people?


  • Monitor progress of the team with an admin dashboard that shows viewing activities
  • Microlearning approach to ensure maximum retention
  • Only the top industry leaders and experts to share knowledge and practical wisdom
  • Easy-to-use interface allows for a seamless learning experience
  • Web-based platform makes training more flexible and accessible


Training in the Time of Pandemic

by Pierre Monserrate, Chief Human Resources Officer, East West Banking Corporation

In a time of crisis, many companies try to cut costs to preserve what is left of their profits. Cash flow becomes more paramount. In many instances, these cuts revolve around people - salaries, wages and training. As history would show us, the companies who thrive in these challenging times, are those who generally go against the grain and take this as an opportunity to invest in their people and prepare the organization to this new normal everyone is talking about. I share this same belief. I think organizations should look at retooling and reskilling their people to adapt to the changes brought about by this pandemic. Which leads to the importance of training. With the advent of new ways of working and living, companies must ensure that the content as well as the medium of training are in sync with the needs of their employees. The key is to cultivate relationships, sustain engagement, and support a culture of learning.


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